What is the Water Filtration Machine in Subnautica

The Water Filtration Machine is an item you can craft with the Fabricator. It allows you to transform contaminated water into clean water. You will be able to make it after getting your first Seaglide Fragment, which is not usable as a part of the machine itself.

It’s one of the most important items in Subnautica. WFP allows you to brew coffee, filter water in a Fabricator and much more! You can craft different items with the purified water: drink it, use it for a base in cooking recipes or even create clean water from Seawater using the Water Filtration Machine!

In this mode another important device will be activated – the Water Filtration Machine. After adding a Seaglide Fragment to it, the device will transform seawater into pure water. This process consumes energy and after a while you’ll have to add another Seaglide Fragment in order to continue the procedure.

How to use water filtration machine subnautica below zero

The primary function of this device is to purify water, allowing you to create clean water from any source. After adding a Seaglide Fragment and powering it on, you will see some control panels on its sides. From left to right, they are used to select the input source of water, set the output destination and turn the machine on/off.

The Water Filtration Machine also has an upgrade panel where you can insert various materials. Each Upgrade Panel allows you to craft one item. Note that some of them require specific items in order to be crafted, so when building it, be sure to check out what you can do with it.

Why you need it

The Water Filtration Machine is an extremely useful device. Not only does it allow you to create clean water, but it also allows you to brew coffee! You can use any source of water for the process – purified or not.

Water is used in most crafting recipes, so keep your supply high, especially when building a base underground.

Where to find one in Subnautica

The Water Filtration Machine is an important and useful device in Subnautica. Apart from creating pure water using Seaglide Fragments, it can also be upgraded to create different materials that are required for crafting.

You will need a Seaglide Fragment to craft this item, so get one first. After placing a Seaglide Fragment in the Upgrade Panel, you will be able to craft a Water Filtration Machine. The device can be found in these locations:

Core Chamber – near the Conduit Power Cell room; Prawn Suit Garage – near the door leading to the Lab; Connecting Cave – next to one of the hatches that lead to the Aurora;

Seaglide Fragment locations in Subnautica Below Zero

A Water Filtration Machine (or WFP) is an extremely useful item that helps you purify water. It can be found aboard other vehicles like the Cyclops, Seamoth and Prawn Suit. It can also be found inside random loot crates on land.

There are many ways to craft the Water Filtration Machine, but you will need at least one Seaglide Fragment to do so. To get this item, you will first have to find a Seaglide (it’s a piece of equipment that helps you find resources underwater). You can do this by hunting for fragments or deal with big predators, like the Basilisk. Once you have the Seaglide Fragment, head over to your fabricator and craft a Water Filtration Machine!


The Water Filtration Machine in Subnautica is an extremely useful device that allows you to create clean water (and even coffee!) using various sources of water. You can also craft various items by upgrading it with other materials, so be sure to take a look at all the things it can do!

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